The Mysterious and Serious Rituals of the Shinto

Shinto music is a very enjoyable filling form of art in both festive and ceremonial instances. Yet from the audio admiration of the Shinto, the visuals seem to take a more mysterious and secretive turn. I can see these ceremonial aspects make this religion in its own nature one to keep The Shinto in its present day and the roots in its past ancestry connected, The films are in its own way are very secretive. Keeping to rest the generations before them. I would like for all of us to be able to speak more freely on beliefs with no fear of criticism or negativity inclined, but I also respect the and the secrecy that one would desire.



A Look into Islamic Music

As I am digging deeper into music and art from the Islamic culture, I seem to not find as much music as I hoped for. It looks as if there is a significant amount of Muslims who speak against some forms of music. The Prophet Muhammed has spoken against music and considered it as he would say “haram”. I can see this view is coming from being that Islam keeps this essence of purity. I would be encouraged very excited to see more music and at the same time understand more as to why it is not a custom of their heritage. Below is a snippet of a conversation with Dr. Zakir Naik, a Muslim speaker about the acceptance of this art . (Click here for the full video) 

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